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New men’s wallet trend 2020


New men’s wallet trend 2020

Magic Carbon Fiber Wallet™



Are you looking for an original and personal gift for your father, brother or spouse? Then you might find something nice between the wallets for men. However, the wide assortment can also cause some stress for the heel. That is why we would like to help you and we have already prepared a buying guide.

Direct access
The ergonomic thumb lever is designed for one-handed operation. A single movement of your thumb and your cards will appear so that you can select the card of your choice. The quick draw slot offers direct access to the top card.

Razor thin
The carbon fiber  wallet is only 11.0 mm thick. It's so slim that it's hard to see the wallet in your pocket.

Aluminum chassis & RFID safe
The ceramic-coated chassis combines durability with unrivaled luxury.
It also offers unrivaled RFID signal protection. As soon as the impeller lever is pulled, the bottom card is ready to use.

Safe & secure
Easy access does not mean unsecured. Even with blown-out cards, the The carbon Fiber wallet has been carefully designed so that the cards cannot fall out. The cards only come out if you need them.

Money clip
The optional money clip is made of strong and light class 5 titanium and designed to securely store notes. The money clip is supplied separately with accessories and you can easily assemble it yourself.