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7 BEST Style Trends for 2020 | Men's Fashion Trends | by Alex Costa

7 BEST Style Trends for 2020 | Men's Fashion Trends |  by Alex Costa


Source Alex Costa Youtube Channel



We couldn’t possibly talk about big fashion trends without talking about men’s fashion trends. (What kind of monsters do you think we are??) As we wrap up the last bit of 2019/this decade (cue: tears of existential dread), we’re naturally already looking to the future. And especially for us fashion folk we’re specifically looking at 2020 men’s fashion trends (because we’re proactive, overachievers like that). Whether you’re looking for yourself, for someone else or just out of sheer curiosity, we’ve got the low-down on what next year’s biggest trends in menswear are.


  1. Hardcore Biker Jackets
  2. Multifunctional Vests
  3. Men’s Rings
  4. Vintage Watches
  5. Cargo Pants
  6. Light Wash Demin
  7. High Waisted Trousers


By Alex Costa